our Farm


Our Purpose

We are a veteran-owned family farm located on the hillsides above Hardwick, Vermont.  Through our hard work in providing fresh, high-quality goat milk and organic garlic, we help maintain the farming traditions of the Northeast Kingdom.  In caring for the land, animals and community we are blessed with, we respect those who came before us and honor those who sacrificed all to preserve our freedom.


Our Journey

Our land was purchased in 2007 and kept in agricultural current use by a nearby dairy farm.  During leave periods from the military, we began a long-term restoration agriculture project to revive the degraded fields and reverse erosion.  In 2016 we finished military service and travelled 4500 miles across the USA in a questionable Airstream bus, landing in Vermont and starting a new adventure here in the community of Hardwick.  


Our Name

On the last day of March 2017, we bought eleven beautiful Alpine doelings from Lazy Lady Farm in Westfield, Vermont, driving them home in a snowstorm in the back of our family van.  In a strange twist of fate, on this very same day, we lost our dog of 14 years and buried her on the farm just beyond the barn.  Her spirit lives on in the goat herd and the Ghost Dog Dairy of Bridgman Hill was born.

Our Team


All farm duties are performed by our family, whether they like it or not, from milking to fermenting to making hay.  It's a difficult life but one with incredible rewards.  

Our Spokesmodel


Olivia Newton John is our canine spokesmodel.  Her favorite activities are bossing goats around and drinking Farm Dog Formula.  Her coat is so incredibly shiny you have to see it firsthand to believe it.

Our Milking Herd


Our goats truly are the stars of the farm, and life often revolves around their needs.  The current milkers are ADGA-registered American Alpines and we are raising our next generation as Alpine-Saanen crosses.  Our goats enjoy grazing and browsing whenever weather allows, and our mothers raise their own goat kids.  Dam-raising reduces our milk yield, but results in very healthy goat kids who learn the routine of the herd very quickly.

Meet the Goats



In addition to goats, garlic and hay, we also grow hockey players and appropriate-lengths of male hair for the season.  The seasonal nature of dairy goats lies in perfect harmony with winter's greatest pastime.



Vermont is famous for it's milk, but look closer and you'll find the secret is in the soil and the grass.  It's never easy, but the rewards of bringing in a full wagon of silvery green Vermont second cut bales on a summer day is something to be cherished.

Makin' Hay