Our AGDA-registered Alpine and Saanen goats thrive on forage that includes fresh hay, pasture, herbs, and certified organic garlic. They browse and explore outdoors naturally during the grazing season and raise their own kids.  Their health and unique diet is the foundation for the amazing milk we ferment and bottle to create Farm Dog Formula.



The stony hillside fields of our Northeast Kingdom farm, enriched with nutrients from our goats and chickens, grow incredible, VOF-Certified organic garlic.  We specialize in a large up-country hardneck Music bulb we call the Hardwick Hard Rock.  We also braid a beautiful softneck Silverwhite that can last up to a year when properly stored. 



We are a military family who made the transition to full-time farming.  Our farm exists to honor those who sacrificed everything for the freedoms we now enjoy.  Our hard work also helps continue the legacy of Vermont family farms and those who came before us to create this beautiful slice of America.  We are 100% family-owned and operated.

Why choose us?

- Small family farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

- Veteran-owned and operated

- Our goats browse and graze outdoors

- Our goat kids are raised by their own mothers

- Our garlic is VOF-certified organic

- Our farm is sustainable, we grow our own hay and straw bedding and use the nutrients from our animals to grow our garlic


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