Farm Dog Formula


How many times have you heard of someone taking their dog to the vet and finding an unexplained tumor or growth?  Why is this so common?  Why do so many pets have allergies, skin and digestion problems?

Over time, a bland, dry, industrial diet will starve the immune system of even the most vigorous and healthy animals.  Modern veterinary medicine offers surgery and medication to combat these problems, but a natural diet is the real answer. 

Our farm is on a mission to save pets lives and improve their health.

Farm Dog Formula is a kefir meal topping made from fresh raw goats milk.  Added to a quality dry food, it works to enhance the immune system and improve digestion.

We combine two of the worlds most incredible raw foods: goats milk and garlic, to create nature's ultimate pet supplement.  As a VOF-certified organic garlic grower, we began experimenting with garlic as a protective nutrient for our dairy goats.  They enjoy a light ration of garlic stalks, garlic cloves and other herbs that deter common parasites they could encounter as they graze and browse our hills and pastures.  Garlic cannot be directly fed to dogs and cats, but undergoes complex changes in the rumen of a goat, creating milk that is an incredible delivery system for beneficial compounds. Combine this with the already powerful probiotic boost and nutrition of fermented goats milk, and you have the most incredible immune system booster and supplement available - and it's all natural.  No garlic is added directly to Farm Dog Formula - the secret is in the milk.

Try Farm Dog Formula if:

- You believe in a raw diet but don't always have the time or money to prepare raw meals

- You serve a quality dry food and want to compliment it with a healthy topping

- You currently use a powdered probiotic supplement (Farm Dog Formula is many times more effective)

- Your pet has trouble with digestion

- You want to hydrate your dry food with something healthy, natural and delicious

- Your pet does not finish its meals, or is underweight

- You believe in supporting community agriculture and Vermont family farms

Farm Dog Formula is fantastic for cats also.  I have found cats to be more finicky in trying it for the first time, but I have never seen a dog or cat who did not eventually learn to love their formula!

Available in these New England Stores (more coming soon!):


The Willey's Store

7 Breezy Ave, Greensboro, VT 05841


Guy's Farm and Yard

155 Portland St, Morrisville VT 05661


One Stop Country Pet Supply

1284 U.S. Route 302

Barre, VT 05641

Pet Food Warehouse

2500 Williston Rd

South Burlington, VT 05403

New Hampshire

Pawfectly Raw

18 Airport Rd, Nashua NH 03060


Food For Pets

468 S Main St, Manchester NH 03102


Food For Pets

76 NH-101A, Amherst NH 03031