American Alpines

Our milkers are all registered American Alpines.  They all have unique personalities and are like our kids: challenging, energetic, and crafty.  Meet the herd below.

Meet The Goats



The first time I saw Pastrňák she was 3 weeks old.  She jumped 3' up to the wall and launched another 3' up to the sky almost hitting the ceiling of the barn.  She hasn't slowed down since.  A terrible mom, she looked at her kid like it was some kind of demon when it was born and we had to hold her to let the kid nurse (all better now).  If you take all the rambunctious qualities of the Alpine goat and multiply by 6, you get Pastrňák.  If our farm was a prison movie, she'd be Steve McQueen. 



Goats don't bite unless you are Avatar then watch out.  A beautiful black and white out of Lazy Lady Farms Gloria and our top producing milker.  

Big Girl


AKA Big Problem.  A pretty brown and black goat with an independent streak.  She often drifts away from the herd to do her own thing which is very un-goat-like behavior.



AKA Two-Squirt Gert.  She was a small goat that has turned into a nice milker.  She's a bit of a pain but we've got a soft spot for her.



God bless Starface, a very gentle and sweet goat who had twin boys this spring and has been quite busy raising them.  She has a small white star just above her nose.  She's affectionate and cracks a smile if you scratch her neck.

Molly Meloncholy


Molly is a supermodel goat with beautiful black white and brown colors.  Currently raising two doelings.  She was shy as a kid but is quite outgoing now.



Tuna is always a family favorite.  She is a great browser and great Vermont goat who is always first to explore a new tree or bush.  So easy and gentle to work with, we love her.



AKA Needy Girlfriend.  She craves attention and has turned into a great milker.  Half sister of Molly.



Mocha is queen of the herd and a gorgeous coffee-colored Alpine.  She's so strong and powerful she can be tough to handle sometimes.  She has what we call a "broken machine-gun" and doesn't sound like a goat when she calls out.