Garlic: Nature's Underground Pharmacy

Silver White

We cure our Silver White softnecks with the full stems on, which we have found enhances their storage time.  We have braids that have lasted well past 12 months when stored in a cool, dry spot.  A hanging braid of 13 makes a beautiful gift.  It's wonderful to pull a fresh clove off your braid in spring when other garlics seem to fizzle out.  Each bulb produces 10+ cloves of various sizes.  

VOF Certified Organic

Hardwick Hard Rock

These are large Music hardnecks that have adapted well to our hill country soils.  Like the people up here, they are cold tolerant and put down deep roots in Fall.   They produce a hardy bulb with 4-5 large cloves and throw off a magnificent and tasty scape in Spring.  Spicy when served raw but milder and sweeter when roasted.

Harvest Update

We are sold out of our 2018 crop.

The 2019 garlic is resting under a nice blanket of snow, straw mulch and black dirt. Our largest hardneck bulbs went back in the ground in October and will make for a nice scape season in the Spring.